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Business Rates are changing –

let us help you navigate the right path…

Every commercial property in the country is in the process of being given a new Rateable Value (RV) by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

The draft Rating List, which was published on 30th September 2016, covers a full range of properties including shops, offices and warehouses.

The new Rateable Values will be used to calculate ratepayers’ bills from 1 April 2017 and are intended to be in place for five years.  However, every ratepayer has the right to appeal their new RV and a new system is being introduced for appeals.

Check, Challenge & Appeal

The new Check, Challenge, Appeal process to be introduced by the VOA will commence in April 2017.
The first stage will ensure that all facts are confirmed by the ratepayer and agreed as far as possible.

The Challenge stage will allow a ratepayer to challenge the actual Rating List entry. This will involve discussions with the Valuation Officer, the presentation of facts and possible alternative valuation to justify any alteration by the Valuation Officer. The emphasis is clearly on the ratepayer to provide evidence to support any justification for an alteration by the Valuation Officer.

The final stage, Appeal, allows the ratepayer to appeal the valuation to the Valuation Tribunal for England.
The introduction of the revised appeal procedure, along with the new 2017 rating revaluations will without a doubt require a detailed understanding of the whole new process and the need for expert advice.

What should you do?

Once ratepayers know their new RVs, with the help of a rating specialist they can decide whether there is any merit in challenging the new figure.


Given WARD CHOWEN extensive property expertise throughout the South West we are ideally placed to provide the right advice on how best to deal with the changes and either maximise the savings or minimise the increased costs.


Neil Woolcock, Rating Consultant at WARD CHOWEN has an excellent track record in rating appeals for clients. The refunds that can be obtained in successful appeals can be significant so getting the right advice is critical.



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