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The development of land for residential or commercial purposes is complex and extreme care should be taken by landowners wishing to embark upon the development of their property. At Ward Chowen Commercial we have been undertaking development appraisals and made significant contributions as part of the team advising landowners through the development process to the sale of the completed development or a block of land with a planning permission.


Our advice and expertise can be utilised in the case of stand-alone developments to include:

  • market research and appraisal of appropriate options.

  • Development appraisals and RICS Red Book valuations.

  • Project management.


In the case of strategic land we act on behalf of many landowners particularly the farming community and advise on a variety of subjects associated with long-term development of agricultural land which it is critical must be handled carefully at the outset, with the necessary degree of expertise to ensure that there are no long-term significant implications.

Our expertise is usually employed in the following fields:

  • the identification of strategic long-term residential/commercial development land.

  • Strategic advice to the client.

  • Identification of suitable developers or promoters.

  • Appraisal of most appropriate agreement including Option and Promotion Agreements or conditional contract

  • negotiating contract terms and liaising with your legal advisers.

  • Advising the client throughout the term of the agreements, including Section 106 Agreements, to a successful planning conclusion – which may take several years.

  • Advising the client on the value of the land once planning permission for residential or commercial development has been achieved.

  • Negotiating with the developer purchaser on the price and proceeding to a third party determination if necessary.

For developers there is an increasing need for strategic housing land, and we are instructed to source development land and exception sites on behalf of house builders and developers.

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